Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wild Explorer Club~

We have jumped on the Wild Explorers Club bandwagon~
 I am at a point of homeschooling where I need some things to be easy and planned for me~
 Wild Explorers is an online program that allows families to complete fun assignments and earn nature badges.
We get a video and assignment dropped into our inbox each week~
 Our first week we were to pack an explorer backpack (Done)
and this week explore nature around you~
 We of course slipped into our rain boots and headed down the path to the lake
where we found a receding shoreline, arrowheads, and caterpillars!
When our snacks were gone and everyone was hot,
we headed inside to watercolor our outing~
 I printed our welcome letter, assignments, and a photo of our fun then created a notebook~
It will take us two years to make it through the whole thing.
Wonder if we will make it that long?
The kids LOVE it for now and so do I!

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