Monday, June 13, 2016

Three Weeks Forever Today~

Calla has been in our arms for three weeks today. And we have been home for one week tomorrow so I picked out some of our best moments to remember. As soon as we were home from the hospital Calla wanted to be outside. She loved riding in her push car! We LOVED gathering around our table for our first meal together. Calla is eating SO well and will eat most anything~

She fit right in with her sibs and was playing 'camp out' in no time. The photo below was made for us on Calla's gotcha day. I sat it on my desk beside my 7 stone. What a beautiful reminder of God's provision when we follow His call to step out into the unknown. SO thankful we get to be her parents!!!~

Family walks and golfcart rides are just a few of the ways we are having fun... so much that it makes her naps long and wonderful~

We hung BC's swing finally and Calla was not the least scared to swing... only when the dog barks. She also loves water so splashing in the pool was a favorite. We are keeping her from swimming until we have seen all the specialists in the next couple of weeks. Memommy ordered her a water table so I think that will certainly keep her entertained~

Just a little personality bursting through~

I am so proud of all the littles as they have welcomed this happy, screaming, hitting, spitting, kissing, hugging, unpredictable precious sister into their normal. It will never be the same but oh so much better. They include her when she cooperative and step back when she's not. It has been beautiful thing to watch and referee~

Here is an example of times when we are a little overstimulated or just didn't get her way. She goes to the same exact spot, plops down criss cross, and screams. No tears and waits for me to walk over. She holds her hands up and as I lift her into my arms, the fit magically disappears. We are trying to keep her world small, stress free, and calm~

Sleep was NOT Calla's thing in China. I think she was stressed from the whole experience and didn't know if we would still be there or not. Then we had the whole hospital thing with nurses and techs in all hours of day and night waking us for terrifying reasons. NOW we are home where things are relatively calm, she is getting some serious naps and night sleeps~

Calla is beginning to notice what the other kids are doing. Evie constantly plays with her dr kit so of course with hospital fresh on the brain, Calla took right up with it~

While the kids are swim, Calla loves playing in a pan of water. Mostly she likes to pour it on her head :) ~

I think one of the most beautiful things I've witnessed since we've come home is the relationships blooming... Ella is taking her big sister status very serious and when I need her the most, she scoops baby sister up while I finish up what I'm doing. Calla is loving her dada more and more now that she knows he will take her outside every time she points to the door. Today she fell asleep with him instead of on me. Baby steps~
AND I was able to move her to the sofa where she still lies sleeping away. We praise God for all He is doing in our family and Calla's heart. He gets all the glory because it is ONLY in Him any of us are able to do this holy work.

James 1:17  Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.


  1. This is a beautiful story - blessing be for such a loving family.

  2. This is a beautiful story - blessing be for such a loving family.

  3. She is blending in perfectly!!! Continued Blessing to your beautiful family!


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