Sunday, June 12, 2016

Longest Day Ever~ MRI Day

Bonding is a full time commitment this the lack of blog posts. Up until this morning she has not let me put her down. If I was worried about flabby arms before China, that has been addressed the last three weeks!!! ;) The more they are held mostly cheek to cheek, the more secure the bond builds.

The whole purpose of being admitted to the hospital was to determine why CA was running a fever daily during the day and in the night in China. There was much blood work done and MRI/ultrasound ordered. We were admitted Saturday at lunch and waited all weekend for things to get going. IV port went in Sunday evening and all food/drink was suspended for a 7am MRI.

The night was hard because we missed dinner due to jetlag then up at 1:30 am... not to mention the blood draw @ 4am. :( I was SO glad when the sun peeked up over the horizon~ I could see the end of the tunnel or so I thought. The MRI was pushed out to 11:30 then 2:30. I think she finally went back about 4:30 and by then we were both spent. It really was the first time she hadn't been in my arms for two weeks. I went to get food and sat in the garden praying for her. We needed answers!

I headed back to waiting area and because it was about 6pm, I COULD NOT stay awake. I kept falling asleep in my chair almost falling out. haha. I was able to go to her about 6:15 and carry her back to our room not long after. We ordered dinner and went to sleep in each other's arms.

We were SO happy to see dada walk in our room about 6am the next morning. And it was heaven to see CA eating again. She ate and ate and ate!!! We were able to let her walk around the halls while waiting for word we could go home!

Egleston was a tough call for us so soon home but it was certainly good for bonding. We were one on one and I was able to meet every need. We were so blessed with amazing nurses~ LaRobbie being our all time FAV!!! We were released about 2 and headed home!!!
You know home is the sweetest place and certainly so when you've been gone for two weeks with a hospital stay. SO thankful for all the prayers and provisions for our family! Even though we have two surgeries ahead of us and most likely glasses, God knew it all and goes before us as well as hems us in! To Him be the glory!!!


  1. Have been praying for each of you! Will continue!

  2. Have been praying for each of you! Will continue!

  3. Have been praying!! So happy that you are home! xoxoxoxo

  4. What a hectic story! That sounds like both a physically and emotionally exhausting story, but I am glad you made it through it and that CA is home now. There seemed like so much waiting for all of you, but you all pushed through it and that is great. Good luck in the future with any other events like this!

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI


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