Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guangxi Provincial Museum~

Today was another touring day. We had breakfast and lots of time to play in our room. CA is really doing well with attaching and bonding. We are seeing signs of grieving especially when sleep is involved but so expected and positive. She wore her adorable bloomers monogrammed by my friend Sheila~

Evie and Holly are being the BEST big sisters to Calla. Evie is taking it especially serious and picks her up anytime she needs to feel helpful. I think you can see how Calla feels about it~

We had a short drive to the museum so Calla enjoyed a lollipop and I enjoyed snapping a few face photos~

The tour of museum was interesting and a relaxing way to spend the morning with our three bitties. Glenn our guide has been especially kind to the girls. He told them all kinds of cool facts~

I know the four kids back home will love this huge dragon hanging from the ceiling! Calla finally gave it up and napped for over half of the tour!!!~

NO hating but we went by for McDonald's again and came back for a lunch picnic~
The perfect time to snap a few more adorable photos of our beautiful baby!!! Tomorrow we leave the lush, tropical city of Nanning to fly east to Guangzhou~ more of the same. And one week from then, we fly home! Glory to God for all the goodness He is lavishing on us with CallaAnne. We are SO in love!!!


  1. Love following along with you through your photos!!!! What a blessed journey you all are on!!

  2. CA is such a peach!!! She is just beautiful! I love how Holly and Evie are being such wonderful big sisters too! So sweet! Hearing about the museum bring back memories of our time in Nanning! Love the journey. Precious days for you all. Hugs...

  3. She is just so precious! So happy to see your 3 sweeties getting along so well. And the McDonalds- please! We ate Pizza Hut almost every night on our 2nd trip to China. You do whatever works- sometimes for your kiddo and sometimes just for your sanity, right? :)

  4. We love Guangxi Province and our Guangxi Girl :) CA is just adorable! So glad she is bonding so well!


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