Friday, May 27, 2016

City Park and Travel~

Today we had a free day until we leave the hotel headed to Guangzhou. We hadn't taken a walk in the local park so made our way there. The sidewalks are completely torn up with all the construction going on. The lady you see with us walked up to me and walked beside shielding me with her umbrella from the sun. We were about to die from the heat! SO hot and humid but good to be outside~
We are staying at the Nanning Marriott hotel and the park is close by. Our guide told us the people love the park because no one really has yards here. The people come here to walk, play, exercise, and enjoy nature~
Evie spotted a duck to show EK as well as beautiful trees blooming~
Our favorite thing about China is watching the people sing, play traditional instruments, and dance. These people were enjoying their morning under this beautiful pagoda~

We were drenched when we returned to the hotel so the bitties had a bath party then we enjoyed Subway for lunch~
Our baby LOVES to eat and knows the word eat now too. Smiles SO big and gives me a hundred kisses when we bring out the food!!! Everyone is down for a nap now as I blog. We leave the hotel at 3, go by police station for Calla's passport, and flight to Guangzhou @ 7:30. Looking forward to spending the week with Elvin, our guide we've had two other trips as well. 

Always bitter sweet to leave the province of our child's home but so thankful to be this far on our journey and just that much closer to being home again with our family.

We have facetimed with our kids almost everyday and they are all doing great! Thankful to everyone home helping and loving!!! We will be together very soon!!! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!


  1. So sweet of the lady with the umbrella. Didn't realize you were staying at the Nanning Marriott. That's where we stayed too and absolutely loved it! Didn't know there was a park there though. How nice. Wonderful you will see a familiar face in Elvin as you head to Guangzhou. Safe travels and big hugs!

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