Sunday, April 10, 2016

More Birthday Happiness~

EK was surprised by memommy and pop with her very own Kindle~
 The big girls gave her a kavu bag plus Rosie came home for the evening~
 EK decided she wanted to make her own birthday cake with little figures from her room.
We were SO happy to have Sissy and Sam here for the weekend~
 It was a great project and turned out cute~
 Today we celebrated with extended family~
There were more gifts: horses to paint, horse sheets, horse drawing books, chapter books to read, and money.
I think we can say this was a great birthday for our girl!!!


  1. Ella Kate is growing up to be a beautiful teenager. Love her smile! Hard to believe she had such chubby cheeks as a baby. Always enjoy your updates - thanks much for sharing.

  2. Looks like she had a really special birthday!

  3. She did a fantastic job on her cake! Happy Birthday to EK.

  4. Happy birthday Ella Kate! Baking her own birthday cake is something Abby would love to do, as well! It looks like she had a wonderful celebration and some lovely gifts!

  5. What an adorable cake!!! so much fun. She's just a beauty.

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