Monday, April 11, 2016

Celebrating Birthdays Post

We celebrated a birthday this weekend for a special 11 year old.
We don’t know our children’s real birth date. They weren’t left with a note. All their birthdays were guesses according to their appearance when found. We don’t get to pull out photos and scrapbooks full of stories about the day they were born. We can’t tell about their first word, when they rolled over, or when they sat up. We don’t even know what their birth family named them. Their past is a mystery, and it is very important to make the present genuine.
Just another way our children aren’t like most children celebrating birthdays.
So much emotion bubbles up when birthdays roll around. While in China birthdays were never acknowledged unless a child had been chosen and their family made arrangements for a cake to be delivered. We were able to do that for 3 of our children, and we have photos of it. Honestly we did it only for the photos. Our children didn’t need a party. They really didn’t even know what was going on. Still, maybe it gave all the children something fun in the midst of a usually dull daily life.
2016-04-11_0001Our new 11 year old touched US soil and became a US citizen on her very first birthday. We had people over to celebrate even though we were in the pit of jet lag. We lit a big fancy rotating candle from China that played music singing happy birthday while our precious one slept through the whole thing. Again, it wasn’t about her, it was me wanting photos of a special day in my mind… she didn’t know the difference OR need it. I guess in hindsight I was trying to make up for what was lost.

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