Saturday, March 19, 2016

All About Rocks and Volcanoes~

We had a great school week!
The kids have really been interested rocks lately, so I went with it.
We collected the rock books we owned and ordered a few more from Amazon.
Our first day we read about the layers of the Earth~
 And painted our own model~

Tuesday we enjoyed a Poetry Teatime~
 Then we watched youtube videos about volcanoes and learned to draw them~
 Beautiful work~

Our bible time was centered around the events of Easter.
We loved the scripture, "Even the stones will cry out" Luke 19:40~
 We usually read from our story bible in the mornings.
An article Hayden sent me encouraged us to find it in our real bibles and read that at night.
It has been SO meaningful, and the kids LOVE reading along in their bibles too!

Thursday we read the best book called If You Find a Rock and sorted our rocks into groups~
 I brought out my special memory rock for CallaAnne!
EK and SJ both have this awesome rock collections, and they enjoyed naming the rocks.
For our art story, we copied our new memory verses and illustrated~

Fun Friday was awesome!
I read A Rock is Lively and while the big girls played Rock on with the littles~
 I pulled together a science experiment for daddy to do with them~
 Everyone helped mix the ingredients for a volcano~
 We learned that rocks are mixed with minerals like cookies are mixed with ingredients so...
We made sugar cookies~
 Everyone divided their paper into fourths and drew the steps of our science experiment~
Daddy approved of our science reports, and I think they are hooked on How Science Works now!

Thinking the rock thing might just continue next week too!!!

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