Monday, January 11, 2016

Mirette on the High Wire~ {FIAR}

We love starting our mornings reading the bible and God's Love For You is our fav devo.
Today we read about Jesus calling His disciples and discussed this truth~
The people Jesus called to be His special helpers were just regular people...
just like them~
 Right after the bible story, we read a real story about an ordinary lady
who made a huge difference for a family in Ethiopia.
It's awesome to be able to reinforce Geography and learn interesting facts about the country~
We talked about the great plans God has for their lives and
they remembered I have a Bible with Chinese translation and they wanted to see 'Their' language. :)

Next we watched out NewSpring videos and everyone was really into the Robot Rock~

Finally we read our FIAR book, Mirette on the High Wire.
I have skipped over this book so many times thinking the kids wouldn't really like it
but I was very wrong!!!
They loved it as we practiced walking our own tight ropes and turning summersaults~
Lastly we found a video about the real character, Blondin, the book was about
and learned all about Niagara Falls.
It was a fun book and look forward to reading it again. :)

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