Friday, January 8, 2016

Fun Friday~ {The Sun, Earth, & Moon}

Today for Fun Friday, we decided to take a rabbit trail to learn about our solar system.
Payne is SO into space right now with his new rocket from Christmas and new book from Gotcha Day
so I thought it was the perfect Fun day.
I gathered our books, art materials, and science materials~
First we read about the sun, moon, and earth in the story of creation
then used household materials to act out how the earth revolves and rotates as well as the moon.
They were quite excited to help BE the sun, earth, and moon.

Payne wanted to bring his rocket and share all things he knew about space travel.
We also read lots of things in his new space book~
 Next was ART... we used a small paper plate to create the sun and covered with tissue paper.
The inside circle of a plate was cut for the earth and we painted it.
We punched circles for the moon phases and cut yellow to represent the light shining onto them~
 Lastly we labeled everything and headed to the kitchen for cooking~
 For our Cooking activity, we cut circles from bread
and painted it with blue and green milk paint making Earth Toast~
 While it baked, we opened four oreos and used knives to create the moon phases
then dropped yellow food coloring into milk to make Sun Milk~
 We enjoyed this delicious Solar System Snack before watching The Magic School Bus~
 I set up a space discovery area on the table for later fun and one by one,
I called each one over with their journals to ask what they knew about each thing~
They spoke and I wrote.
I was pretty impressed with what they all shared.
The cool thing about today was even though it was a repeat for EK/SJ,
they were excited to share their prior knowledge
helping the younger kids gain new information.
It was a win win and super fun in the process!!!

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