Friday, October 16, 2015

Our NEW Friday Routine~ {and a Field Trip}

So over the last weeks I have found the chore a day routine was just not working.
I spend the mornings schooling with laundry sprinkled in
and thought I would use a little time in the afternoons to clean...
{I want my early afternoon to read or blog or watch netflix... gasp!}

In the mornings I have started piling the dishes in the sink until lunch (ahhh)
and after breakfast 
we all get dressed, brush teeth, tidy room, and start school by 9.

Those two words {TIDY ROOM} are huge!
By tidying each day there is less to do when time to actually clean.

If this tells you anything...
I hear my children saying "I am organizing mom". 

When school ends and we finish up lunch everyone heads to their rooms for rest until 3~
Bitty Girls still nap and then play.
Boys play the whole time.
Big girls read for an hour and get school Ipad time.
I read or blog or watch Netflix. :)

Today for our Friday Routine we finished breakfast, threw the dishes in the sink
and went to the schoolroom for one activity~ Writing.
We read over the ideas we listed this week about Egypt~
And they all verbally told me what they learned.
They grabbed their journal to record their knowledge. The end.
Short, sweet, and meaningful.

Okay NOW to the New Routine:
Each twosome headed to their rooms to Organize and Tidy
then they dusted and vacuumed~
{I worked on our room and the living spaces}
The big girls and boys both cleaned their bathrooms too.
I worked right along beside them and our house was clean in about an hour and half.
The bitties mostly just played, organized, played, organized. :)
As I finished all of the things I needed to do, the kids watched another Egypt documentary.

After lunch I looked over to find Evie dangling for the counter rinsing dishes
and loading them into the dishwasher.
Now our house is clean for the weekend
and we can't wait to celebrate Will Perry and my dad's birthdays!!!

After rest today we took a little 15 minute trip to visit the Georgia Guidestones~
 SO cool that we recognized Egyptian hieroglyphics on the capstone
and the kids could read some of the letters~
 Double cool to take their photo in front of the stone with Chinese writing on it~
 A sweet couple was visiting and asked if she could take our photo!!!~
It was a fun outing and even Macy got to go!
Happy Friday!


  1. What a fun find! I like that everyone helped out. My house used to be spotless, but the bigs are so busy with school work and while the littles are good about putting toys away it is just to much for me to do all by myself. I keep telling myself there is a season for all things and someday I will miss those finger prints on the glass of the back door or the popcorn found under the chair .

  2. It's fun to see how other large families run. I don't home school though, but we still have a lot to get done. : - )