Sunday, August 16, 2015

Record Keeping~ {Notebooking and Journals}

Over the years of public schooling I had children keep journals
as a keepsake of the growth made throughout school year.

Now as a homeschool mom I have found this practice just as positive!

We put everything in them from stories we write to art projects we make
to maps we label to photos/letters we want to keep.
There are times when we have a geography or science lesson we create a notebooking page with
so we glue it in our journals as well.

Some journals last half a year, a whole year or more...
it just depends on how often it is used.

The best thing about them is seeing the kids pick them up and look back at their own growth.
EC finished up her journal this week and as I was filing it away I decided it would be a Fun Friday activity to pull them out for a Journal Party~
I was right!
They laughed their heads off as they read old stories and looked at young photos of themselves.
It was neat for them to notice how many more EK had than them
and say... oh she's been home longer. :)

I am convinced journals are the best record keeper because the kids love them
and they are also super easy to store!!!

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