Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy 20th to Rosie~

Today is Rosie's birthday and I can barely wait to 'surprise' her at dinner
with a little party to celebrate her 20th birthday!
Hayden has planned this surprise to the T and we all met at Chili's to wait for them.
 Family and friends all gathered to celebrate (in her sister's words)
one of the most positive and encouraging spirits and the most loving and joyful best friend/sister/daughter~
 We certainly missed J,S,&BC~
 Friends forever~
 The sweetest couples~
 {Logan~ remember Shay pays and takes pics so just go with it. :}}}~
We love and adore you sweet Rose Kapose.
You are the baby original and we think the day you were born made the sun just a little brighter and the world WAY sweeter!!!
We will celebrate this day always!

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