Friday, June 26, 2015

Two New Swimmers~

Amazing that one day the bitties are swimming with puddle jumpers {which we LOVE}
and the next Evie gets up the courage to just try swimming without it~
And she DID it!!!
After that first try, she was all over the pool and even jumping off the diving board.
The next day it was Holly's turn...
only being home One Year means more fear to overcome and super courage
which she mustered up and became a swimmer just like her big sis.
They are both going off the diving board and swimming like little fish!
The pool just got way more fun for them!!!


  1. I saw their video on IG and loved it! We are "afloat" in swimming lessons here as well. This is my grandson's first lesson, but Bre's 3rd lesson. She is a good swimmer but gets so excited that she sometimes forget to "keep those feet moving"! The littles are GREAT LITTLE FISHIES!!!

  2. That's so awesome!!!! Wish Mia would get brave enough and swim.