Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Big Stuff Going On~

My mom and dad have major garden{S} every year and put up lots of vegs as well.
Little did they know my mom would be having major surgery right in the middle of canning season
SO I did something I said I would NEVER do...
I got a small deep freezer, picked corn, and beans, and froze them both~
 Now just hoping it's fit to eat when I cook it. :)

Having a pup in the house has been A LOT of work but rewarding all the same.
Just look at EK's face and you can tell it is a match made in heaven~
 She's a cutie and learning to be in a family just like everyone else~
Can't imagine life without her now and adore our Macy girl!!!

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  1. Is that Macy's stuffed monkey?!!! She is just TOO CUTE!!!