Thursday, June 11, 2015

Meet MacyJade~ {Our New Baby}

Unbeknownst to the kids, Scott and I had been contemplating a new dog...
{an inside dog}
and over the past couple of weeks a sweet friend introduced us to golden doodles.
She sent us a pic of the most adorable 3 mth old girl and the rest is history.
We drove to pick her up Tuesday evening and met the owners.
They were very sweet and Macy was super loved by them~
 After a quick goodbye, I scooped her into my lap and we headed home.
She was a great traveler and just looked out the window like she'd done it a million times~
 We had told the little kids we were going on a date so they were super surprised
when we pulled back in really early with a HUGE surprise!!!~
 After a little time getting acquainted, we brought her in to get used to being inside~
The next morning we took her for a walk and she did awesome on the leash~
 We also took her for a quick vet visit just to make sure she was okay and got a great report.
The vet loved her~
 She has super sensitive skin so they suggested we just wash her with warm water
and she loved the water... wondering if she will love the pool~
 Macy has become a huge part of our family and we can't imagine life without her now~
MacyJade: You light up our family and SO thankful you are Home!!!


  1. She is SO cute!!! Our pups are getting old, and I keep telling the kids "No more dogs!", but I bet that won't last!

  2. She is ADORABLE!!!!! The BIgs look Happy Too.

  3. She is adorable!!! I want another one right now:)

  4. MacyJade is downright beautiful!! Welcome home MacyJade...something tells me she will be SUPER LOVED!!!