Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Surprise Beach Week~

So it's been a long time since I posted but I have had good reasons...
The middle of week before last, we were surprised with a week at the beach
and it was ninety to nothing getting ready to go.

{Warning: Lots of photos and all taken with my phone}

Our kids were SO excited~
 Everyday was SO beautiful and everyone loved sand and waves~
 We spent our days on the beach just being together~

 We did a little shopping~

 Holly didn't miss a beat and the bitties stuck together like glue~
 EK loved catching all kinds of things in her net~

 One evening we went putt putting and were thankful our big girls were with us~
 They showed the littles how it was done~
 A beautiful evening~

On Thursday we drove to Charleston to spent the day with my sister and kids.
We were amazed at the size of a cruise ship waiting to board~
 We toured around to see Fort Sumter, Rainbow Row, and the Market~

 A couple of photos I edited from not so great to stunning~
 LOVE black and white~
 More beach shenanigans~

 And a highlight was finding out my friend Lynn and family were in Myrtle Beach too 
so we were able to hang out~
 It was such a wonderful week and we loved every minute!!!
Thankful for a Surprise Beach Week!


  1. Ahh, our family was just at myrtle beach, the first week of May. We stayed at the ocean cove condominiums. I recognize it in the background of some of your pictures. We came from Ohio, and it was the first time many of us kids had been to the ocean. It would of been neat to meet your family. We too homeschool. My mom blogged about our trip to there as well.

  2. Such a WONDERFUL way to start your summer! Looks like a great week! LOVE all the pics

  3. Loved all your beautiful beach pictures! So sweet!! Glad you guys had a great and relaxing time! Looking forward to this weekend!!

  4. Fun times. The kids are begging for a beach trip. They are so fun!!!!! I bet you are tan.


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