Friday, February 6, 2015

A Week of IG Photos~

This week has been a crazy busy week for a family
 that is usually home almost all the time.
The beginning started with Birthday fun~

to lots of doctor and dentist appointments~

Evie had her 5 year check up and Amelia met us out there so it was wonderful!
Appointment went well... 
she made it to1%ile for weight and failed her eye exam so we made eye appt.
 And momma usually holds off as long as she can 
but I HAD to take myself to the dr
Thursday on the way to dentist with the boys~
I opted for a shot and you should have seen the boys eyes 
when the nurse walked in to give it. LOL
I am feeling much better and so thankful!!!

EK, SJ, WP, & PC all got great reports at the dentist...
EC & HM go Monday... their first and hoping it goes well too!

WHO can believe our sweet Ben Curtis is 11 months???~
Planning a BIG BD celebration!!!

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