Tuesday, January 27, 2015


You might not think being without a dishwasher for going 4 weeks is simplifying but
I have started to find joy standing at my sink looking out over my yard,
drying dishes when they are clean,
and putting them not to touch again until we eat.
{Cutting out the middle man really}
And to make it just a little more fun~
I jumped on YouTube and watched a few videos to learn the granny square
then made a sweet dishcloth.
I can really say it made my dishwashing joyful today!!!
{Making another one tonight while I watch Fixer Upper!!!

And just to add a little smile, THIS is how I found Evie during rest today~
Out of bed, dressed up in my heels, and the sweetest smile.
How could I do anything but take her photo
especially when she asked if she was gorgeous....
Ummmm YES Ms Big, YOU ARE!!!

1 comment:

  1. PRESH!!! Wish I was your neighbor & I would wrap up a box with a big pink bow full of paper products for an entire week of dishes on me :-) Glad you are making the most of it...


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