Monday, January 26, 2015

Busy Fingers~

Today I pulled out a little fine motor work for the 4 youngest
because they want to sew like the bigger girls.
I picked up some tapestry needles at Michael's and shelf liner at Dollar Tree.
I cut small squares, threaded the needles, and attached to the squares~
 I gave them a little tutorial on down and up
{which made no difference}
because they all did their own thing and that was awesome~
Super concentration was had while we all listened to our books for the day.
They all ended up in cute little balls and asked for more!
Busy Fingers getting stronger every time they poked that needle through!!!
Good sewing little kids!


  1. really creative idea-I think that would work for my 4 with motor skill needs too-thanks for sharing

  2. My kids did this with cross stitch fabric stretched into embroidery hoops. They picked their own thread and made their masterpeices. We called it confetti cross stitch. I still have their creations! They also make cute grandparent gifts for birthdays or holidays. We "framed" them in the hoops and on the inside edge of each hoop I wrote with a sharpie their names and the year. Tie a cute bow around the screw on the hoop. My mom still has these hanging on her kitchen wall ~ many, many years later.


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