Monday, January 19, 2015

A Beautiful Day until...~

A gorgeous day of 60 degree weather, the kids played outside all afternoon,
Scott cut grass, and it felt like Spring was here~
 A day of all days until Payne took a tumble on the trampoline
and cracked his elbow~
We got an xray here in town and they sent him on to Athens Orthopedics
for another xray and splint to be worn this week.
We will go back on Monday for a 3 week cast.
Definitely not the worst thing that could have happened
 and Super Payne took it all in stride just like he does with everything!!!

As I waited for he and Scott to make it to clinic and back home,
God lit up the sky in His amazing Glory~
 I pulled up a chair and watched the sun drop into the horizon
looking as if the earth was engulfed in flames.

Hebrews 12:29
"For Our God is a consuming fire."


  1. Ahh praying it heals perfect & fast! It was SOO Nice to be outside~ gorgeous sunset~

  2. What a fighter!! So glad he's going to be okay and it wasn't worse than that. Those pictures are just beautiful. What a gift!


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