Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Works for Us Wednesday: Decluttering and Staying Organized~ {Mostly Kids and School}

I had planned to take this post in a whole different direction but had a message from my friend Erika~
hi sharon!  i have a question for you - maybe for your what works wednesdays . what do you do with 6 of everything? we have 4 of everything i am run out of room quickly to display things. do you have a creative and/or practical idea? also how do to decide what to save and what not? and how do you store the things that you do chose to save, both for sentimental reasons and also for record keeping?
What great questions so I took some photos of What Works for Us
and I'm going to share about each.

First of all in reality it would be what do we do with 9 of everything
but with a couple of moves since the big girls were little, 
they have purged much of their things.
When they were all little, I kept plastic storage boxes under their beds 
where we stored their favorite treasures, art, and journals.
Amelia and Rosie still have boxes under their beds
 and they have chosen what they wanted to keep.

For the little kids, I kept boxes of papers and art for a while
but I finally decided we aren't going to keep things like that forever
so why go to the trouble and expense to save...
SO to Erika'a questions~

1. What do you do with 6 of everything?
We have a ribbon hanging in our sunroom and the current projects are hanging there.
This old cabinet houses all the school things we are using right now.

2. How do you decide what to save and what not?
{This may be a heart breaker but I don't keep anything forever 
except journals, handprint items, and silhouettes. }
I also have them glue most everything we are going to KEEP in their journals.
Each child has their own roll of duck tape and we cover the binding with it
so they can find their journals when they want to go back and reminisce.

3. How do I store the things I choose to save for sentimental and record keeping purposes?
If the kids make some kid of art they love but I know I won't keep it,
we take a photo with them holding it, sometimes print for journals,
and most of time it goes on the blog to be printed in our blog book at end of the year.
{I dispose of it when they are not around and usually it all goes fine}

Other Decluttering and Organizing Ideas~
~ Books we are reading live in baskets in sunroom
~One caddy holds markers and pencils
 ~Lots of storage in basement for all my school supplies 
 ~Coat closet on main floor houses our home library and all our art supplies

A Couple more Ideas~
WHAT to do with kids' toys???
I am NOT a fan of toy boxes but really the younger the child,
the more practical they are!
For the little girls, we have a toy box (with no top) and when it's time to clean up
all they have to do is throw everything in it... Score!
The boys have this shelf full of small bins holding all their organized toys.
(yes they moved into their sister's purple room and we haven't had time to paint)
Our toy box in sunroom has held many things and right now we have duplos/magnaformers. (affl)

NOW... this is my next project and my mom can attest to the fact
we have both tried to organize/purge EK and SJ's closet many times~
I did read a blog post today about putting more than half of a child's toys away
and giving them time to play with less
{especially since Christmas is almost here}.
I will let you know how it goes.

WHAT to write about next time???

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  1. Tip that might help~ if you store your markers, tip side down, they last longer.