Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Works For Us Wednesday~ {Laundry}

I have debated and debated in my own head if I should do this or not
so this is only a test and I will see how it goes.

There are times when someone asks how our family manages
the general day to day goings of a medium size family.
{I say medium because there are WAY bigger families
and I'm sure they have their systems as well}

Whatever the family size,
we can all glean new ideas to make our family life run a smidge smoother.

The following system is exactly what the title describes~
What Works For Us... Our Family
but maybe through my words and posts,
 there might be something helpful shared. 
PS... I am a system and procedural kind of girl so my house runs better
if we have a system in place.
There is no guessing what's to be done or how it will be done.
That makes for a more relaxed and restful home, I believe.

First up~ Laundry!
I'm choosing this first mainly because it is DAILY
and the one I least dread.
Ever hear the phrase~
Work smarter, not harder!?
There is a way to make this true for your mounds of laundry.

Also I believe most of the battles we face be it chores around the house,
decisions we need to make, thoughts of the heart, our actions and words
all begin with a single Choice.
A choice of starting that load of laundry.
A choice of adding that item to the grocery list.
A choice of getting up a little earlier to have a quiet time
OR maybe exercise (something I need to be more mindful of)!
A choice to hold my tongue instead of spouting off.

A choice begins every single thing we do each day.

I might even take it a little farther and say not only do we make a Choice
but we have to ACT on that choice...
NOT procrastinate.
Procrastination is the number one reason things don't get done at our house.
"Oh I'll just do that after I get school started, 
or after lunch, or when they have room time."
NO! If I think it and know it needs to be done... just do it already!

3 Ways Laundry Works for Us~

1. Created a schedule~
  • Monday~ Parent laundry: Scott takes basket to laundry room for me the night  before... that way it is there when I go for my coffee and start a load right away.
  • I wake up knowing it is our laundry day so I strip our bed,  get the fresh sheets from our linen closet, and make up the bed then. I wash all our clothes, our sheets, and Everyone's towels on Monday~

  • Tuesday is the Bitty Girls' day... clothes, sheets, and ALL towels.
  • Wednesday is the Big girls. 
  • Thursday is the Boys.
  • Friday is the Bigs if they come home for the weekend.
  • I only wash towels on the weekends and iron on Saturday.
  • If we are gone a day, I have a day to catch up.

There are always days when baskets are overloaded 

or someone runs out of pjs/underwear and we do extra loads.
All in all the schedule works and if we get off,
it is NOT a big deal.

2. Simplified Linen Items~
  • Have an extra set of sheets for each bed so it can be stripped and be made right back up. (I don't have that luxury for kid beds so I only use white sheets and rotate them as I wash.)
  • Use only white sheets and white towels so there is no question where they go... they can be used in any bathroom or bed.
  • Hand a pillowcase bag on each bed to store blankets or anything children sleep with.
Saves time and keeps everyone's room tidy.

3. Teach Responsibility~
  • Teach the kids to do anything they are capable of...                                     AKA~ stripping their own bed, bringing down their own laundry, folding their laundry, and putting it away. Smarter not harder!!! Is it going to look like you did it? No and who cares. 
  • Thanking them BEFORE they do something works like a charm for us. "Thank you ________ for bringing your laundry down."                                 "Thank you ________ for helping me fold this load of clothes."
  • Jumping into help THEM with a chore always makes it a happier situation as well. "Let me help you get these clothes folded so you can get them put away sooner!"
  • Laundry is usually washed/dried while we are doing school in the mornings then folded/put away after lunch. 

Bottom Line~
We are all learning to be responsible
and what it takes to help a family run smoother and smarter!
I remember my teaching days when procedures certainly
made the day better and the kids more prepared.

We are all happier and more relaxed when our space is tidy
allowing us to play, work, learn, and live a little smarter. :)

Works for Us Wednesday will be back next week~ Household Chores Schedule
Would love to hear what Works for Your Family!!!


  1. Sharon, I could not have written this any better!! Although it sounds like something I would say! So I will say to you, AMEN.
    And that I am stealing the pillow case hanging from the bed post idea, and will be working toward all white sheets and towels. (DUH!)
    Glad you decided to share this. Awesome job!
    p.s. LOVE that your home is ready for Christmas!! We are working on that today - although the landscape here is all a white winter land ;0)

  2. LOVE this. Such a Wise mama and friend!!!!

  3. I love this! I love seeing the pics of those adorable beds!

    The bag hung on the bed is a great idea. I love the comment about everything starting with a choice! I have been saying that a lot this year.

    I believe kids are capable of way more things than we give them credit for because the parents just tend to do it themselves. I have a set of chores the kids can do and make sure to let them know they are very much capable of accomplishing the task.

    We have 6 in our family. We just throw the laundry down the laundry shoot every night and I wash and dry all through the days. Then I fold it all up and everyone takes it to their rooms. I think I like the idea of certain family member's clothing being washed on certain days. I need to start a rotation for sheets/blankets.

    I wish we had all matching towels! We have a mixup of towels handed down to us so everyone in the house uses whatever is available.

    Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear about the kitchen! How to cook for so many littles and cleanup. I think I run my dishwasher twice a day sometimes and we are just 6!

  4. I very much enjoyed this post! I would love to hear more of your ideas on how you organize and get things done!

  5. I do to loads a day! First thing in the morning as I am getting Roman on the bus, I put a load in and then when I get home from an appt or the gym it goes into the dryer. It usually gets folded after dinner and the next load goes in the machine. I need to be better about involving the children. The girls like to help, but not so much the boys. Yes, I believe it is a choice. People always ask me how I do it and I just do it! Instead of sitting down at night to watch TV the house gets picked up so that when we wake up it is peaceful not a stressful mess. Than I sit down. I am a firm believer that a little each day is better than trying to play catch up!

  6. Great post! Yes, I too like to stay on top of things and have a schedule that pretty much gets stuck to as "medium" size families have lots of moving parts! I found a great idea on Pinterest awhile ago and it has worked VERY well for us. Everybody has a mesh bag that dirty socks and underwear go into and the entire bag gets washed. No more searching for sock mates-all contained in bag. Each child then matches their own socks in their bags and puts away! Can't wait to hear more...especially the cooking/food part! I feel I am ALWAYS fixing food and cleaning up!