Thursday, November 13, 2014

If They Only Knew~

This morning was a very early one with everyone out the door by 4:30am
then hour and half drive to CHOA for Payne's sedated MRI.
We arrived on time, checked in, and began a morning of waiting, 
observing an aquarium, playing Ipads, and more waiting~
 Scott went back with Payne and he was SO brave getting his IV in.
About 2 hours later, he wheeled out to tell me how brave he was~
 We walked right across the street to our neurosurgeon's office, Dr. Boydston,
to have the scans read.
Not much info other than nothing to be concerned about now
and will see us again in 4 months~
Everyone was starving and If They Only Knew...
we were taking them to Maggiano's and Lenox Square Mall!!!

Family tradition to take them to Lenox for Pink Pig Ride
{Holly's first ride}~
Then to see Ole St Nick~
{Had to have a little pow wow of what everyone would ask for}
 Evie was not scared this year but she didn't sit on his knee either... EK kept her safe.
As for Holly, she wasn't the least bit afraid but had NO idea what we were doing. :)~
 Always such a good feeling to see Santa early and not worry about fighting the crowd later~
 Holly went back for an extra hug~
 Just one more pic kids~
OKAY~ done!
A fun day that started out with one thing as priority
and ended with a surprise to make a family tradition memory!!!
We are known to pack a ton in one day and that's exactly what we did.
Oh and we stopped by to see grandson on the way home
so I could shoot their Christmas card photos~
They turned out beautiful...
isn't HE beautiful?
The sweetness just keeps getting sweeter!!!


  1. Girlfriend!!!! I am tired thinking of all that haha!! I am with you though on just pack it all in!!! LOVE the pics!!

  2. Wheww what a day! Love to see them every year on this day though...but man that's early to get going with 6 littles, especially looking so beautiful :-)...I still can't get my girls to sit on Santa's lap...not even the 10 year old