Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Copywork and a Discovery~

First of all, having a beach trip on the calendar 
sure makes it much more fun to run change it each day~
Today we reread our book and decided the first line was a good one for copywork.
The bitty girls just worked on their name 
and Evie wanted me to draw the boys at the beach... haha.
She did all the tracing and coloring~
 EK wanted to write an imaginary story about a panda
so I had her dictate and I wrote it down for her in cursive.
I also wrote her a word list to fill in the blanks then she read the whole thing to me.
Big practice writing in cursive and then reading it~

 SK copied the first line of Lentil and changed it to be about her~
 When it came to the boys, I wrote for them and they traced the words and THAT'S where the discovery came to light...
they didn't know their whole name~
ERKKKK... slam on the brakes...
we have some LEARNING to do!!!
{Evie knew HER whole name AND their whole name... little stinker!}
Time for an intervention I had read in Brave Writer and just shared with my SIL to do with her son (sight words).
{Hint: the coins on their desks}
More tomorrow!

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