Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lentil~ {Week 2}

I spent a good bit of time reading my new Brave Writer book
and gleaned affirmation of what we are doing
plus the encouragement to add in things I know are important but haven't included such as... 
Julie Bogart writes, "Copywork is the practice of choosing a selection from literature or a historical document and copying it over in your own handwriting."'
Copywork counts for writing. 
Before your child can be expected to produce from scratch, it's fine if he or she copies a master."

For Bible today we read our story then watched the preschool and elementary videos from NewSpring.
The truths were I will tell the truth and I can be a hard worker.
THIS was our copywork for today~
Boys and bitties traced what I wrote for them then drew a picture.
SJ copied my words and EK copied from card given at church.
They all drew pictures of something they to help at home.
EK~ Make her bed
SJ~ Fold clothes
WP~ Pick up toys at the pool
PC~ Clean out the dishwasher
Evie~ Picking up sofa pillows
Holly~ Scribble:)
It was a great day of writing where everyone copied from the Master alright... GOD!

Next was our FIAR book~ Lentil.
We are rowing it again this week and today we watched a little video about Robert McCluskey.
I think it helps for them to know he was a real person and we are reading the very words he wrote.

We read the book again and I brought back our Mystery Box~
We finally guessed there was a lemon inside (Old Sneep in the book was slurping a lemon) 
which led to our anatomy lesson for the day... the tongue.
We researched it online and found there were 4 areas of taste.
They all wanted to taste the lemon (my fav~ sour!)!
We also tasted cocoa/bitter (they were tricked by the smell and it sent them running to get water:), salt/salty, and sugar cubes/sweet
Afterwards we made diagrams in our journals and labeled then wrote about our favorite taste.
A very fun experiment and they were begging for more sugar cubes. :)

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