Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Plans are for Changing~

Yesterday while we were out on our dr and Rosie adventure
 we happened upon this Beautiful USA print @ Hobby Lobby~
 Scott sat it on the floor in the school room last night and was discovered with excitement this morning!
These three sat down and SJ began reading all the ones she could and made up silly songs for the boys to sing.
{sorry for the potty word at the end...}
It renewed a spark for all things geography and we got out our Dr. Jean cd's to Sing to Learn!
 I put out a couple of map books and they were there for an hour~

Here we go with Plans are for Changing...
When I taught school every day, I had such explicit lesson plans it took longer to write them than execute them.
As a homeschool mom, I have to admit most of what we do is thought of about 10 min before we do it
{not including things in their work drawers}.
So when I mention Plans... I'm referring to our standard activities for one given day and it is not recorded any where
(we just know we do each day).

This morning SJ remembered her Reading activity drawer had a story about The Three Little Pigs so she asked me to read this book to her~
You can imagine all 6 wanted to hear so we piled on the sofa and I read to them.
They loved the voices and repetition as well as discussion of the story.
They were talking about how they could act it out.
I suggested they pretend the story this afternoon when they went outside and each began planning who they wanted to be.
{In my mind I'm thinking Scott can be the big bad wolf and get his blower out to blow down their houses... the boys will LOVE it!}
Get ready honey!!!
Evie wandered over to unifix cubes and called me to show the house she built~
 And since we were on a roll I just couldn't send them to their drawers for the Planned Work!
I folded a big piece of paper and numbered it so we could retell orally one more time.
Each took a paper and made a story map on their own level.
Just look at the bitties' maps above
and the more mature ones below~
We finished the morning with ipod/ipad school and called it a day.
As they came to the kitchen for lunch, 
I heard them saying... mom forgot to make us do our WORK!
Oh no little students of mine...
You WORKED, you just didn't know it. (Haha)
I'd say that was the perfect PLAN for this Wednesday!!!
And our walls say just that~

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  1. LOVE the Hobby Lobby print...but even more so I know you are LOVING to go with the flow this 2nd time around as "teacher"! So much much I know too!!


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