Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good News and Good Visit~

Payne and Holly had a neurosurgeon appointment today and both got pretty awesome reports.
Holly's prognosis was so wonderful we don't have to go back for a year.
Payne needs an MRI baseline so we are waiting to hear when that will occur.
Afterwards we took the crew for lunch~
{yes the bitties were squished but they begged to be up there}
AND you know we planned to see Rose so we picked her up from class and headed to the bookstore~
 I loved standing in line with her listening to all the great stories from the last few days!
She is so excited about her new sorority adventure and classes are going well too.
Before we dropped her off for her last class, we went for an ice cream @ Chick-fil-A~
SO good to be with our baby Original and know she is doing awesome on her college journey!!!


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