Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chalk Boards~

We want to thank Mr. Troy {our next door neighbor}
for two really cool chalk boards donated to our school room.
We've had them a couple of weeks and have kept them outside
mainly due to chalk dust and OCD mom doesn't go together but...
I overcame when I found an awesome post {can't find now} and copied!~
I made lines and circles on the board and the bitty girls used big paint brushes
to follow the strokes to wash off the lines.

The next day it was the boys' turn~
I had a gift bag with letter sponges and all the ABCs on the board.
They had to pull out a letter, name it, stamp in on top of the letter, then use a paint brush to trace/wash.
We named all the letters and sang the letter sounds.

Today it was the big girls turn.
I took their fry list of sight words and they wrote a few on the board~
They had to stamp the letters too then trace/clean the words off as they practiced reading as well as spelling.

LOVE that this very preschool activity was able to be extended
and meet the needs of all grade levels and abilities.

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