Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Friday {Love Letters & Field Trip}

Sometimes simple things make the best learning!
Yesterday SJ received the sweetest letter from her friend Madelyn~
 It made such a great impression on everyone, I decided to make it a learning opportunity.
I found a book in our personal library {Penguin Post} as a springboard and the day just flowed from there.

These six sweets were very excited Art was up first.
We decided to make cards for some of the people we love using a really cool art medium called crayon resist~
 Everyone wrote words on the front of their card with a white crayon.
Then we painted over it and the crayon resisted the paint showing through!
After some drying time, we added words inside and addressed our envelopes~
 We watched a video of a field trip to the Post Office, counted out $.50 for a stamp, 
loaded up, and headed to our own Post Office~
 Ms. Dawn was SO nice to let each child choose/pay for their own stamp
 and get a penny back in change
Everyone LOVED dropping their letter in the correct slot!
 AND who should walk in while we were there?
Aunt Susan ~
 and she showed us how she unlocks her PO Box with a key~
We walked all the way around the PO and ran into our very own DAD!!!
Then back home to get our own mail in our mailbox!
This afternoon we grabbed our journals to stick our stickers in,
tape our pennies down, write about their fav part of the day, 
and glue in a photo of their choice.
LOTS of REAL life learning went on today!
A very Fun Friday with Love Letters & the PO!!!

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  1. I love this, Sharon! You are so inspirational! I need to do a better job running my homeschool in this way!


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