Friday, July 25, 2014

BIG Step~ {For EK & SJ}

During a very Fun Friday with lots of fun and a field trip to the post office~
{Full story @ Growing Whole Hearts}
we saw Aunt Susan and she invited either the big girls or boys to sleep over~

LOOK who decided to go for their VERY FIRST sleepover ever~
Um yes! EK and SJ!
And pretty sure they took about half their belongings! :)
It was touch and go for about 2 hours but now @ almost 11pm,
they are still there and sleeping!
What a Big Step for them!!
Couldn't be happier and more proud of them!!!


  1. I am impressed she went given she was so sad to be without you! A good sign!

  2. That is great news.They will have so many fun things to share with you. Blessed.

  3. Way to go girls!! Hannah tried her first sleepover at her cousins place 2 weeks ago and it was a very successful...1/2 Sleepover as Mommy picked her up at 3am. ;o)

  4. How fun! Love Aunt Susan!!!!


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