Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pearl/Jade Market & Chen Temple~

Today was a shopping and touring day with these two precious girls~

After breakfast before we left hotel, we took a Lifeline photo~

Then we were off for a shopping spree~
with the two cutest girls in ALL of China~

and a walk around the temple yard~

One little could take the heat and one could not... around 90 but feels like 104 with the humidity~

Then back to the hotel for lunch, nap~
and playing~
Tomorrow... Shamian Island!!!! and one day closer to HOME!!!!!


  1. so nice to see those smiles! love seeing those precious sisters bonding! Have you seen Beth? And, where did you get those precious outfits?? :) xoxo! take care and don't get overheated!

  2. Their matching outfits are adorable! Yes, one day closer! It makes my heart happy to see all those families with their little ones! Love adoption!

  3. Love the update and pictures! Your girls are adorable together :) Brings back fresh memories as I was there about 3 months ago :) I have followed many of your adoption journeys-- you are a blessed family :)

  4. Can't even stand the photo of Scott and the girls crashed ;) looks like Miss HM is a bit of a Daddy's girl?

    I'm so happy for you Shay!

    xo ellie

  5. Sweet Friend!!! I bet your heart is just full of such JOY. The are to to cute together. Evie crackes me up!!!!! Mia and her are twins. LOL

  6. I have followed your blog for the past few years. So fun to check in today to see you in the same photo as our friends from church, Josh and Amanda! :) Enjoy the last week of your trip!

    Michelle from KY

  7. The napping picture is my favorite! I am sure Dad needed a nap too! The girls look like they are getting along well and the clothes are adorable!


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