Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Day in China~

Dressed in outfits made by my friend Lori, we headed down for breakfast~

Came back to dress in silks and shoot a few photos~

Best idea ever...
Brought our picnic blanket for a play area in our hotel rooms.
When we leave, I just wrap everything in a big pile then unspread when we come back.

Just hanging out in the room while we wait for our van to Hong Kong this afternoon about 4:30 then one more hotel night and fly out tomorrow morning 8:20!!!!!
 Land home about 3:30 Thursday afternoon to OUR people!!!
 Home sweet home... Can't WAIT!!!!!


  1. It has been a joy reading about your family's journey, not only this one. We should travel to pick up our little girl in August. Thank so much for sharing! It's so helpful to follow other families doing the same life changing thing! Many blessings to your family! Our family blog is www.itsanobwaldlife.blogspot.com

  2. sounding like you can't wait to get home. But looks like China has some cute shopping! Safe travels!


  3. I have loved seeing the girls grow closer!! Holly's eyes look totally different, joy and happiness in them now!!! Hang in there sweet friend just hours separate you from the rest of the crew:). We will be praying for UNEVENTFUL travel!! Hugs!!!

  4. Holly looks so happy! Best of luck with your transcontinental flight with your babies!

  5. Oh look at how the "layers of sadness" are slowing falling off and revealing one happy baby girl!! Love the outfits your friend made and the silks as well!! I can't tell you how I have enjoyed "traveling" with your family in China!! Safe travels and "see" you on US soil soon!!!

  6. Excited you are heading home! The girls look so cute in their outfits! And so happy!
    Thanks for sharing your journey - it is so good and helpful to follow others that go before us!
    Blessings to you-

  7. Praying you have a safe trip home!!!! The girls are just precious. Love you friend.

  8. What an amazing journey to your precious little girl! I cannot wait to see the new updated pic with all your babies in one place!!


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