Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Friday {The Eiffel Tower}~

The one thing that caught the boys' attention each day as we read Madeline was The Eiffel Tower so it was fitting we dedicate a Fun Friday for this amazing structure.

First we watched a short documentary on the History Channel about the history and construction~ {Social Studies}
 We all discussed what we learned while coloring our own Eiffel Tower. 
We made the flag of France, listened to the national anthem, and colored a map of France (Paris).
I knew there was a Amazon video of Madeline at the Eiffel Tower so we enjoyed a little show together. {Technology}

I brought the Duplos to the school room and invited everyone to build their own tower~ {Science}
and I took pics of their creations then printed them~
 So they could write about it in their journals! {Writing}

We read our writing and returned to our towers for a {Math} activity.
I had each one break their towers and stack in groups of same colors to form a skyline.
We talked about the tallest, shortest, most, least, equal as well as some adding and subtracting.
{It was a very subtle way of getting them to clean their area.}~
 We discussed how much the French love their pastries so I made them all a waffle and we read Madeline again.
EK pulled out several other Madeline books we own and SHE read Madeline's Rescue to the group.
We discussed it being a Caldecott Medal Book and called it a very Fun Friday!


  1. WOW! A FABULOUS Fun Friday!! Love it ALL!!

  2. Love all things Madeline, and all things French! Fun study.