Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hard Work~

EK has been riding without training wheels for a good while now and actually got a new bike for Christmas. It was a little big and the brakes were on the handle bars so she just wasn't ready to ride it. This week she got a new bell for her old bike~

 and all of a sudden decided she would try the new bike~
 Scott adjusted the handle bars and of course he had an audience~

SJ was standing by taking it all in and... (maybe I kind of bribed her into riding without training wheels by telling her Mimi could ride her bike at her age) because she also decided to give it a try~
 I was worn out running around the yard and due to a small fall when I let go at one point, she decided she'd try again another day!  
 Great Hard Work girls!!!


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  1. I so remember those "TRAINING DAYS". Watch and see...she will try it again soon and CONQUER IT! That's what I did w/Bre. After a few falls she decided "she didnt wanna ride the bike". I took it and put it away last summer and by FALL TIME, she professed she wanted to ride her bike! We took it out and I was prepared to run along side of her and she said "No mama...teach me by myself!" She got on and after a few wobbly moments....she took off SOLO all on her own!! She was SOOOOOO excited!!! was I!!!! It was such a SWEET MOMENT!! Both EK and SJ will get it conquered soon I'm sure!!