Friday, April 26, 2013

Cousin Time~

We LOVED having Max and Addie over to play this morning~
 We started inside but within the hour, we headed out remained there the whole morning...
even through lunch~
 My kids all said~ WOW Mom, we sure are having lots of picnics... I can't think of anything better to do in the spring!
Better enjoy it now because come June-August... hot as blazes!


  1. Yes, it is a perfect time of year to be outside! So happy you had a lovely morning!

  2. Funtimes! Wow, Max is growing up ~ he has lost that baby face! Addies curls are adorable. Its great having cousins nearby to play and picnic with. And I agree about June-Aug. Here in Miss. it will probably be May-the end of Sept. Have fun!

  3. SO MUCH FUN, Picnics are the best!!!! Another stormy 50 degree day for us(we did have a friend over to play, which made it great)...I sure hope we don't go from 50 degrees & rain and jump to a hot 90 degrees in June. Love seeing spring is happening somewhere in this world; and sure glad it's you with your group of littles. Happy Weekend!!!