Friday, April 26, 2013

Always Learning~

Even after we've put in a whole morning of school, the girls often ask for more when the younger three are down.
Sometimes I send them off to do their own thing and other days I oblige and head right back in there.
I think among my favorite things about homeschooling is the kids are Always Learning
We started a new routine just in the past month~ book basket reading before bedtime.
 The girls have baskets of books at the end of their beds and after the bedtime routine is done {bath, pjs, meds, teeth, prayers}, they hop into bed for some reading time.
Some nights I read to them and others they read to themselves OR each other!
They choose what goes in their basket and love changing them out time to time. 
EK's is full of animal stories and SJ's has every Pinkalicious book in print!
LOVE that they LOVE reading so much and are...
Always Learning!  

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  1. Okay..LOL Miss Natalie is over my shoulder saying.."that would be a bad idea for me because I would get a flash light and hide under my covers and read when I'm supposed to be sleeping" Little miss who logs over 3000 min a month on her reading log and in the 3rd grade with a SRI level of 1221...KEEP THEM READING..GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!