Sunday, April 7, 2013

A New 8 Year Old~

For me spring is here when EK's birthday arrives and we celebrate her beautiful life along with the changing of seasons.
Today was that day and she gave me the sweet privilege to capture her 8 year old face.

Things special about EK:
~An amazing daughter that STILL takes our breath away
~Very loving sister to older and younger
~Sweet and stubborn (strong willed)
 ~Very smart and full of observations/questions
~Loves to read everything (especially my texts:)
~Always wears her hair in a bun with a hairbow
 ~Makes lots of faces and smiles big
~SO helpful and pitches in whenever she is needed
~LOVES being outside with her dad/dogs
 ~Has terrible allergies this time of year
~Deep thinker and ponderer
~Funny, loves a joke, and has the best laugh!

Just today she said she wants to grow up to be a dog walker.
"I love dogs so much momma!"
(maybe a veterinarian? :)
Whatever she decides to be, she adores her big sisters and has great role models leading the way for her. In turn, she is a great role model for her little siblings. 

I sit tonight thinking of her birth mother far away in China and am sure is thinking of her child today. She gave EK the greatest gift of life and to me the gift of a daughter. I have said many times there is NO difference in children coming to families through birth or heart and EK is such the perfect example of this. I look at her and truly feel with ALL my being I birthed her myself... how did I not? She is part of me and will forever be

She has changed and come so far over the last 7 years. She is a big reason adoption has continued to be a huge miracle in our family. She is never jealous and always helps her new sibling feel part of the family. She helps me SO much in SO many ways. I couldn't do all I do without her. 
As I sat today thinking of the miracle God gave us with this beautiful 8 year old, it came to me she kind of split time in our family: before EK and after, before adoption and after... I know Scott and the big girls would agree...

EK completely changed our view of what our family was about.
Before EK, we thought our family was complete with three gorgeous daughters and life was all mapped out.

EK came along and gave us a new vision...
~life is about others, not ourselves
~family is about loving ALL that God gives us
~adoption is our life's mission
~there is ALWAYS enough love to go around
~sacrifice is necessary at all times
~this is not about me
~it is not easy a lot of the time
~there are a lot of unknowns 
~we are called to things we had NO idea we could do and we know that it is NOT about what WE can do... it is ALL God and His will for EK and our family.

Thank you God for this amazing girl that split time in our family and made us WAY better than we would have ever been.
Thank you for choosing US to be her forever.

She has blessed us WAY more than we could ever bless her!
We pray great things for her life and promise to always point her to YOU!!!

Phillippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength. 

Happy birthday beautiful girl! 


  1. Such a beautiful post, Sharon. Happy Birthday to Ella Kate! She is absolutely beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful post about a very special little lady! We too, believe there is no difference between our adopted daughter and our bio son. I feel as I birthed her too. You are right they become part of who you are and adopted NEVER crosses your mind as you think of YOUR child..... just loved.

  3. What a sweet post about your beautiful birthday girl!! She is a treasure and such a wonderful blessing, isn't she! Hope you have a great week!


  4. Happy Birthday to a beautiful(inside & out) Ella Kate!!Abundant Blessings being 8! xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday to your darling Ella Kate~ what a beautiful tribute to your girl!

    Your post really spoke to me and put into words all that I've been feeling regarding our family and adoption.

    We also have 3 older children (now 25, 22 and 20) and we brought our first child from China home in 2006. (we also have 5 children from China) Your post so eloquently touched on the same thoughts that I've had since our first adoption. Life before our AnnaClaire. And life after. And how much sweeter and richer "life after" is! We are so thankful that our eyes have been opened and that our view about our family has changed as well.

    I so enjoy following your blog with your lovely family!

  6. Happy Birthday Ella! I love your list of how life is now. I was just saying yesterday how I do not want "comfortable" to be my life's mission. God does not call us to be comfortable, but to depend on him. But, I'm preaching to the choir! Love you, friend!

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

  8. A beautiful post about a beautiful girl!!! Happy Birthday Ella Kate!!!

  9. Beautiful images of a lovely girl. She holds such a special place in your family. Happy 8 to EK!!! (we love 8 around here! :-)).

    I especially love the photo of her hugging her knees...she looks so willow-y and graceful.


  10. Happy Birthday to Miss EllaKate! What a beautiful girl- inside and out. I just loved this post. I remember on a vacation about a month before our 1st referral-- thinking, "What are we doing? Life is so easy right now!" Obviously, we knew adoption was His plan for us and I am so glad we stuck with it because adoption truly has made a timeline in our family as well. It has changed how we see so many things.

  11. Sweet post!!! And beautiful pictures of EK!!

  12. I loved this sweet post. I love how God used EK in such beautiful ways to give your life a more clear direction. you are so right it's not about us or how easy our life should be and how much we can sacrifice. Well said Sharon. Thank you for living out such a beautiful example to us all. xoxo