Monday, March 11, 2013


After a massive amount of paperwork and a very important appointment @ the US Consulate in China, when PC & EC arrived on America soil they were American citizens. We all await the Citizenship Certificate once we are home.
EC's came about a week and a half ago~
 and I had begun to wonder where PC's was but today his arrived too~
 Thankful to finally have them and these two are just plain HAPPY!
 Citizenship? Oh yeah!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, they are too precious! Look how happy they are!! It is so fun to watch their bond continue to grow now that they are home.

  2. AUGH!! We are anxiously awaiting ours!! I have almost given up on it. Thank you for sharing. Your babies are beautiful! (Even the older ones. ;-0)

  3. Love it!! It is amazing how well those two seem to be doing!!! You have me trying to convince my hubby we could handle two in one trip Shay!! ;)

  4. Love seeing the pictures of your beautiful family. I still am so in awe of God how your family has been knit together so perfectly.

  5. Always such a relief to hav those in hand!!! Look at those big grins precious!!!!