Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Consulate Appointment~

Our Consulate Appointment was today @ 8:30am so we left the hotel early. This is the date our whole trip revolved around. It has been SO wonderful to have every single piece of paperwork in perfect order as well as all fees paid ahead of time. Thank you Lifeline! 
 We dressed the littles in their red, white, and blue and headed out to our appt~

This was our first opportunity to show Payne our flag~
After we went upstairs, took our oath, and completed our paperwork, we were dropped back at the hotel. We decided to walk to Jusco and have a Dunkin' Donuts coffee... yum~
 and just enjoyed these two sweet faces~
 This afternoon has been a quiet time in the room napping and playing. My friend Donna asked me how we could possibly spend so much time here... we are very comfortable with a nice living space and our kids really need time to hang and play. As far as keeping it real... I have been. What I've shared is the real deal. Adopting two children at the same time is NOT easy at all but for us it was what God willed and blessed us to do! When we were here adopting WP, we were the minority adopting one... this time, we are the minority adopting two. I believe if you are called to do so, God will make it clear and go before preparing the way. This trip has been one two great blessings after another and we wouldn't change one single thing. 
Here's a little video of them hanging and playing~


  1. SO close to coming home! So glad you all have had such a seamless trip. That is a great thing about China adoption, for sure. Know you are ready to be home and start your new "After China"! LOVE!

  2. The kids look soooo adorable all decked out in their red, white and blue! Enjoy your last two days in China! You are almost there!

  3. Oh my! These two... Oh you must be so in love! Little Evie was so fascinated by the light. And how that scrumptious Payne calls you momma like he's been doing so all his life. Such a sweet, sweet story. Lovely.

  4. LOVE the red,white,and blue! Sure didn't take Miss EC long to bring out those giggles and grins....just too fun!! Thankful for Immeasurably More and answered prayers!!We DO KNOW it's the real deal! You set out on this journey not knowing what God would do, He gave you two, You faithfully followed and He prepared the way. You were born to be a mom and are GREAT at it helping them through the hard and bringing joy to their hearts! (We just loved having play and hang time too, made for relaxing spirits for everyone and peace on the way home)ALMOST HOME

  5. Love the picture of Payne hugging Evie! Looks like she might just like to explore when she gets home...she was very interested in that lamp! Have you asked your guide what he is saying? Looking forward to the reunion with your other children! I can't wait to see the them with the other "littles"! I pray someone's heart has been touched by your obedience and will be moved to adopt! It is such a BLESSING!!!!!

  6. Precious, precious video! I see a touch lamp in your future! LOL It's great that you have so much of Payne talking in Mandarin. Love his sweet voice!

  7. They are just soooo cute, I can hardly take it!! :) I'm so glad you followed God's urging and brought both of them home. God knew what he was doing! Evie was cracking me up so fascinated with the lamp.

    It truly is amazing how well they are adjusting. Praying for you guys and the littles back home! :)

  8. Your hotel room looks lovely. I've read so many times that days spent in the hotel, where the world is kept small, are just the thing for bonding. Evie is doing so well... you are baby whisperers!

  9. The room looks wonderful with living space. These two are such treasures! I love how Payne used the glasses to give his ear a scratch!

    Thinking of you lots!


  10. Such a handsome little guy Payne is, and what a precious pip squeak Evie! Love the red, white and blue pictures at the Consulate.
    Looks like Evie is having fun exploring the lamp, and tears to my eyes when Payne is reading his Family picture book, Love this!

  11. They looked adorable in their red, white and blue!

  12. I love those smiles! They are both so cute I can hardly stand it! =)