Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree~

Our book for today was Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.  A darling story of how snipping off the top of a tree many times can make someone's Christmas a little brighter. As we were reading, the littles noticed how the same thing kept happening over and over and at the end was back right where it had begun. {Circular Story} I had the story pieces all ready to go for sequencing but because they noticed the circle, I decided to switch it up and record on a paper plate.
  I numbered the plate with 1-7 and we retold the story gluing pieces around the edge. I pulled out paper and sequins to create Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree in the middle. Talked about how writing the story in a circle made it interesting and SO fun!
WP wanted a pic of his masterpiece. :)

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  1. Love that book!! We unwrapped it and read this week too. Although I was lazy and did no craft. Love WP's work great job!