Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Day~

After a great morning of school, we had a visit from Ms. Judy and she delivered these adorable mugs, flashlights, and coloring books~
 SO a hot chocolate and cookie snack was in order for afternoon snack time. Thanks Ms. Judy!

PS. Have you looked at your ceiling fans lately? Oh my! I was ashamed when I noticed today! Tons of dust on them and on my blinds/shutters. {Clean now!}  I have been nesting for 6 months now... you would think it would all be done. Is it ever? Guess I need to start on baseboards don't I??? Sigh. :)


  1. I wish I could come over and help you! You should be relaxing the next couple of weeks because while 2 more children are a blessing they are more work. Just like in pregnancy you should go see a movie, go for a mani/pedi, or have an evening with your hubby. I guess you will get a night or two alone with your man before you get Evie and Payne. Do you fly into Shanghi or Beijing. Recently, I saw a couple who having been to Beijing flew into Shanghi and took a chinese cooking lesson. Are Evie and Payne family names? I don't know if you ever said and will you keep part of their chinese name. I don't think we will, but that could change.

  2. FUN mugs!:) Uh Fans.....well, had the same reaction a few weeks ago and hubby climbed the ladder to clean them (high ceilings) YUKE is all I have to say! Don't worry about those baseboards I agree with the above post, snuggle and hold those littles, do something for yourself, and with your man!! By the time you get home and settled into a new routine Spring cleaning will be right around the corner. Enjoy Christmas & family!