Saturday, October 20, 2012

WP's Family Party~

Was so fun! He was SO excited that after his nap everyone would be here to celebrate! Of course he wanted everything to be orange.
I'm not sure why he loves orange so much except it was the first color her learned to recognize. Susan and Tony stopped by to bring a gift~
Such a great evening with family enjoying a Mexican fiesta AND orange cupcakes!
  Opening presents was SO fun... new crocs, orange Clemson shirt, orange hummer, water doodle, airplane, duplos, and helmet!

Rosie has been such a trooper... learning to use crutches, going up and down stairs, sitting around all day, icing her leg, wearing a very heavy brace... ALL with grace (just like her middle name).
SO proud of her!!!
Happy birthday WP~ you have made us ALL so very happy having you home to celebrate!!! 


  1. What a fun family party! WP has such great taste already! I love orange too!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Wishing you all the best!

  3. What a handosome sweet boy!!!!! HAPPY B WP!!!!!!!

  4. What a sweetie. I love the orange theme!

    So glad your Rosie is doing so well.


  5. Looks like a FABULOUS party, and orange fits right in for an October BDay. Happy Birthday Sweet Handsome Will Perry!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday WP!!! Looks like you had a FUN party!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Sweet Will!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Xin's favorite color is and has been from first home....ORANGE!!!!!