Thursday, January 31, 2019

A New Year 2019~

Happy 2019!

Every year I take some time to write goals for school and choose a word for the year.
Is it just me or is it hard to stay focused on Contentment?
I sometime think social media causes us to want more and do more.
I'm going to be more mindful of time online and my word for 2019 is...
 With these precious faces wrapped around my table, how could be anything else?

After tons of rain and sickies, we had a day outside with warmer temps~
 It didn't last long though and before it was over, 7 of us had the flu. :(

We have begun a new adventure this year with Hoffman Academy online for piano lessons~
 Everyone can watch the lesson and practice on their own in the afternoons!

A few sweet pics of Calla including the day she came down with the flu... NOT GOOD~

Filling our bird feeders sure brings the birds to our window~
 Books and binoculars were grabbed for a bird watching session.

Some days call for lipstick and a fun math game~

And a concert before nature sketching~

For winter, we pulled out the forest animal cookie cutters for narrating the story cookie style~

Penpal letter writing~

Our next adventure was for SJ to begin her online Violin lessons, and we LOVE Practice Monkeys with Ms. Van Kleeck~

One of our new strategies for learning is listing what we want to cover and checking it off the white board~

Early morning learning with little girls is a smart strategy too~

Most days when we read aloud, everyone finds a handicraft to enjoy like nature journaling~
 Calla's horse~

These are a few of the Ancients books we are reading through for a basic understanding~

We were thrilled to meet Rosie and Hayden's new puppy, Maverick~

He is a golden retriever and just precious~

In January we love reading Snowflake Bentley and making snowflakes~
 This year we found an awesome youtube video to make extraordinary ones!

Happy Forever Day to Payne and Evie~
 They were adopted together and have grown into beautiful, lovely souls!

 I was recently listening and reading quotes taken from a homeschooling event and heard the most profound thought...

We are the Gatekeepers of our Children's Childhood.
Think about it.
Why are we in such a rush to hurry them toward the next thing or step or level?
We should guard their young years because they are SO short.
Cherish these moments so they can be pondered in our hearts.

Such have been some of our moments lately...
* Reading all the books as soon as asked!
* Sending them outside BEFORE lunch to just hang out as a group!
* Cook together whenever the notion rises!

One morning, Scott left in the extreme early hours of the morning to catch a flight to Washington, DC and as I prayed for him, I looked back through my sunroom windows to see Majesty~
 What a promise of Hope!

The boys moved into a smaller room upstairs and the twin beds took up way too much room so we bought them bunkbeds...
 They LOVE them!

Getting back to schooling after time off in December hasn't been so hard after all~

I try to have them read to me aloud or to each other every couple of days~

More sketching~

Beautiful Ella~
 Created an art cabinet for their creative urges.

Fun Friday was reading a Caldecott, painting winter scenes, and making winter trees to eat~

Here is a creative art project made by Evie, a game board~
 Also a favorite meal of soup and cornbread and my sign made by Amelia hung in my office!

Scott and Millstone Homes were recognized as the 13th fastest growing company by a UGA graduate (Mike Cain) at a banquet downtown Atlanta~
 While the award was quite distinguished and we're thrilled, nothing compares to stopping by and holding our grand boys!!!
 A wonderful group of Millstone Homes friends and family!

Our next big adventure is adding Evie to the Violin gang~

 She is doing amazingly well!

A written narration by EK on a historical figure~

We began celebrating Evie's 9th birthday a little early with early bd gifts~
 She got a leather journal that she loves to write in and adorable new pjs~

SJ LOVES wolves so we checked out lots of books and a video and while watching it, we sketched them~
 Aren't they amazing?

It's been a wonderful month of January for sure!


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