Friday, October 13, 2017

Our Week of Learning~

It just so happened that the little girls' letter was H corresponded to our new chapter book Little House in the Big Woods~
 I had an activity planned for the little ones and three more wanted to make houses too~

They turned out SO cute:
Me & SJ~


EC & HM~


We invited our very first visitor for Poetry Teatime so we washed the teacups and made apple turnovers~

We LOVED having Memommy come for our Teatime~

Little House in the Big Woods is set in Wisconsin so it was fun to pull out our 50 States book and read facts about the state~

We loved hearing the story about an owl in one of Pa's stories so we nature journaled about them~
 I had them all find a book with an owl, draw, and write/copy something about them~
 Loved every single one~

Some days when we finish up early, we game school~

The little girls made a cool house~

The little girls are finishing up Primer MUS so we are switching to another math book for a while~
 (So far they LOVE it... story based)

Finally we tried out a new approach to Art study with this awesome book~
We made egg tempra and painted beautiful abstract paintings...
It was really fun!!!

And finally Friday Freewrite~

And that's a wrap!

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