Monday, September 11, 2017

Fun Weekend~

Saturday was spent cleaning out clutter and organizing closets
 to get ready for the big season change of clothes.
I actually paid them one dollar for each toy they were willing to donate to our yard sale coming in Oct. and worked like a charm!

Sunday was our Braves Date Day for Scott's birthday given to us by the big kids~
 We drove over to the stadium, sat down to lunch @ Sports and Social and watched the opening drive of the Falcons,
then went to the Braves game for a while~
 It was the most fun day running between the games, eating lots of treats, and just being together!
And we just happened to surprise our grands for Grandsparent's Day~
 Can you tell we were happy about it? They are PRECIOUS!!!

And today we are spending the day doing a smidge of school and mostly playing~
as we wait out the hurricane weather.
Our power has flicked on and off and we have lots of limbs down but we are safe for now!!!

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