Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Short School Week~

Focused school that is...

We are taking a more of a rotation with this Reading Morning Basket.
I read through the various things as time permits and next day take up right where we left off~
{History, Poet study, Composer Study, Artist Study, Geography, Shakespeare, various chapter and picture books}

Rosie also picked up this letter board for us where we are displaying a verse from the poem we are memorizing.
I find them reading and touching the words every time they are in the kitchen!

The little girls are enjoying the letter Ee this week so our tray is rolling a die and transferring # of 'eggs' with tongs into the egg carton~

Our books and projects have been Elmer~
 Even the boys asked to make this~

Easter egg Es~

Many egg books and watercolored cracked eggs with animal hatched from their egg~

We also continued Farmer boy with Written Narrations~

Nature is all around us each day.
This week it was all over our tomato plants which are now history!
Tomato Hornworms~

We sketched the worm and moth in our nature notebooks so we would remember next year when to expect their arrival~

Even though our offical school is done for the week,
we are spending a couple of days with the grandsons, and that is the best school of all... Life schooling!!!

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