Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Late Birthday Celebration~

Rosie turned 22 Sunday but she was in the middle of Rush so we celebrated a couple of days later~
 With Mexican, cupcakes, and a visit to her gorgeous college cottage~
This was my IG post on her birthday~
My three big girls call themselves The Originals 
and were one of the biggest reason seven siblings could have a family. 
We are celebrating our baby Original Rosie (beside EK). 
She is 22 today and I could share 22 amazing reasons we adore her but I'll share one.
She is the bridge between the two generations of our family. 
She's best friends with her older sisters and cheerleader to her younger ones. 
She's beauty, laughter, sweetness, truth, intelligence, loyalty, and love all rolled into one heart 
(just like her big sisters)! 
We love you Rose!!! 

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