Wednesday, June 21, 2017

31st Anniversary~

31 years ago two kids made a promise of forever love. How has it lasted and grown?

One simple thought! Putting the other person first (and he does it WAY better than I do!) and dying to self every day.

I'm sure there are people that would argue {If we do this, we lose ourselves}. 

Maybe that is the point and maybe we find our purpose. 
It's NOT the easy road either. 
It's the blessed one.

 I want my whole life with this one man I chose 31 years ago. 
For better or worse. 
For richer or poorer. 
Originals, miscarriages, still births, adoption, 10 kids. 
For as many years as God has us on earth.

We could never have imagined this life but giving it to God every single day has led us to this anniversary.

Thank you honey for loving me even when I don't deserve it. Just like Jesus! That's the difference. It's all about Jesus.

This life.
This marriage.
This man.

I'm SO thankful!!! Happy Anniversary Scotty!!!
Our big girls/boys gave us a gift card to Stoney River for Christmas. 
We could never find a time to go so saved it for our anniversary. So glad we did! 
Savannah kept the kids, and we had a dinner date. Spent time remembering 31 years of Everything Beautiful!
 Love our life honey!!!

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  1. Those are the sweetest pictures! Wishing you 31+++++ years more!


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