Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Holly & Calla~

Holly and Calla share May 1st as their birthdays~
 We saved their gifts from us for today!
Holly got a princess tent and Calla got an AG Wellie Wisher~
 HAD to get the perfect Birthday photo for each.
Calla is 5 and Holly is 7~
 {Sissy sent the Elena dress to Holly and clothes for Calla's doll}

Later in the day we had our court appointment to readopt Calla as a formality
so she would receive her foreign birth certificate~
 This is such a beautiful time for our children and it has been fun for Judge Malcolm watch our family grow one child at a time!

After court we went to SS office to apply for Calla's social then to Greenville for dinner and shopping~
 It was a jam packed day full of happiness and memories!!!
Happy birthday to our two May girls and wishes for many more!!!

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